Málaga 4K FEST


Rules & Regulations


The following categories and awards have been established for the 2020 edition:

  • AWARD TO THE BEST SHORT FILM. Endowed with three thousand euros (3,000.00€), to the best short film.
  • ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION AWARD. Endowed with two thousand one hundred and sixty euros (2,160.00 €), for the best use of as many UHD technologies as possible in a single
    film, to better preserve artistic intent, so that the story couldn’t have been told so well or the
    emotions portrayed as powerfully without them.
    (*4K resolution or greater, WCG at least rec 2020, HDR – any variant of High Dynamic Range
    (Highly valued), HFR – High Frame Rate – Ideally 100/120 FPS other wise at least 50/60, NGA –
    Next Gen Audio of any flavour, e.g. Dolby Atmos (Highly valued).
  • AWARD TO THE BEST DIRECTOR. Endowed with two thousand euros (2,000.00 €), to the best direction.
  • AWARD TO THE BEST SOUND BY DOLBY/AD HOC. Endowed with a thousand euros (1,000.00 €), plus Dolby Atmos sound mastering, to the short film with the best sound.
  • AWARD TO THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHY. Endowed with a thousand euros (1,000.00 €), to the short film with the best photography.
  • AWARD TO THE BEST SHORT FILM FROM A FILM SCHOOL BY RTVE. Endowed with a thousand euros (1,000.00 €), , plus broadcast of the short film in the program “Versión Española”, in La 2 of TVE, to the best short film made by a film school.
  • AWARD TO THE BEST SHORT FILM FOR TV BY ATRESERIES. Endowed with a thousand euros (1,000.00 €), plus broadcast and promotion of the short in Atreseries, including an interview with its director, to the best short film adaptable for television.

The entry form shall be sent exclusively through the FESTHOME

Download the complete rules and regulations here.


Australia, Philippines, Tunisia, Austria, Bulgaria and Croatia join Málaga 4K FEST 2020

27 · 02 · 2020
219 short films from 27 countries have already been presented The second edition of Málaga 4K Fest already has short films from 27 different countries, from all five continents. In addition to the list of countries...
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Antena 3 News in Málaga 4K Fest

15 · 01 · 2020
https://vimeo.com/385013569 The cameras of Antena 3 News have witnessed the award ceremony of the Malaga 4K Fest last Friday, November 9th, 2019. A gala held at the Albéniz Cinema in Malaga where A3Media has delivered...
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Andalucía Directo in the Málaga 4K Fest 2019

21 · 11 · 2019
https://vimeo.com/374375350 The program of Canal Sur TV, Andalucía Directo, was present last November 8 at the gala awards ceremony of the first Málaga 4K Fest. During the interview with Manuela Burr, winner of the RTVE...
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MEDINA MEDIA EVENTS, in collaboration with FESTIVAL DE MÁLAGA, organizes MÁLAGA 4K FEST, which aims to encourage film production internationally in 4K-UHD (Ultra High Definition), as well as its dissemination and promotion.


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